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Why is Red Light Therapy So Important?

Why Is Red Light Therapy So Important?

Red Light Therapy Singapore – is a straightforward procedure involving exposing the body to low wavelengths of red light. This red light is natural and can penetrate deep into the skin, where the cells can absorb and use it. Read on to find how why many people including sports teams, world class trainers, natural health leaders and some leading clinics and gyms are raving about this therapy.

Skin Rejuvenation

Collagen is responsible for giving skin its elasticity, hair its strength, and connective tissue its ability to hold everything together. While collagen is beneficial to the entire body, it makes the most difference to skin rejuvenation.

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity. When this happens, our body starts to show signs of aging and we acquire more wrinkles. Red light therapy Singapore rebuilds our skin health and encourages the creation of collagen.

Reducing Stress

Natural red and near infrared red light therapy Singapore encourages antioxidant production – pivotal in reducing the oxidative stress associated with cell injury, muscle fatigue joint pain and inflammation.

Antioxidants also elevate the production of heat proteins—special enzymes that help protect cells from stress and early death.

Joint Pain and Inflammation

Red light therapy Singapore’s positive effects on arthritis, joint pain, and inflammation have helped manage these conditions in the long-terms. Red light therapy has the ability to potentially treat arthritis at a cellular level with a focus on the root causes.

Combining this treatment with exercise or stretching is more powerful at curing knee pain than just stretching or exercise alone.

Sleep Better

If you experience issues with sleeping, you might have read up on melatonin – a hormone in our body that regulates sleep. Red light therapy Singapore increases your melatonin, which helps decrease the time it takes to fall asleep, as well as allows you to stay asleep for longer periods.

Less Cellulite

Red light therapy helps the body wash away fat cells and control levels of hunger-related hormones in sleep-deprived participants. Exercise and red light therapy in conjunction with each other improves the aesthetics of the body. From being a non-invasive method to body sculpt, to reducing the circumference of targeted areas of the body, the benefits of red light therapy Singapore are an effective option for those who want results in a safe and effective way.

Start your Red Light Therapy journey today!

Yafot Wellness is proud to be Singapore’s first wellness center to offer Collagenic Thermal Therapy. Utilising the Dr. Müller Infinity Red Light Therapy Device, conditions and inconveniences can now be quickly improved in as little a time as only 30 minutes. Even muscle aches and soreness can now be treated in a fraction of the time.

Coupled with the use of Rare Diamond Thermal Carbon Sheets, an innovation from Japan, the Collagenic Red Light Therapy treats the whole body in its entirety.

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