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Travel Fatigue

After an exhausting 13-hour flight to Singapore, I was recommended by a friend to do the Oxygen Therapy treatment at Yafot Wellness.


Surprisingly, I directly felt more rested and energized after undergoing the treatment. Therefore, I would definitely recommend the Oxygen Therapy to any tourist that is feeling fatigued!

- Peter Ambrosiussen

Disturbed Sleep

I have just tried oxygen therapy treatment. It is a good form of relaxing and calming when you inhaled the oxygen through the nose and with the essential oils that rubbed on the wrong spots on your body. I have disturbed sleep in the nights and this treatment has helped me to sleep deep and peacefully. It's a thumb up for me and believe this service could help many people who are stressful with daily life. It brings more oxygen to our body and brain that promotes more blood circulation in our system. Excellent product!😍

- Karen Lim

Tired & Mood

I did the oxygen therapy. It made me feel less tired after a hard day’s work and have a good mood.This is surely worth a try. Looking forward for my next session 😊👍🖐

- Robert Henry

Calm & Relaxing

Just did the Oxygen Therapy treatment...It's really calm and relaxing with essential oils added too. Just like an Oxygen fiX!!👍 They have trial here which is really cheap hence please try, is really good for our ever

- Jacqui Anne westwood


I was having a splitting headache the other day. Then decided to use Oxy Z. Within 5 minutes of oxygen therapy, my headache was gone, and I felt more relaxed. Thanks to Vigo’s Oxy’z which provides 20 minute therapy of 40% pure oxygen.

- Marilyn Kwok

Body Aches & Rejuvenation

Feeling a bit sore after hiking and thought of having some body massage. Decided to come down to Yafot Wellness at International Plaza as they have this body massager machine that can do as good as a human therapist so to say. It's a good alternative to people like me who doesn't really like the tickling effect of human hands. I tried the Oxygen Therapy Rejuvenation that consist of 30 minutes body massage and 20 minutes Oxygen Therapy. I definitely felt relaxed and rejuvenated right after my treatment! They even measured my oxygen level in my body before and after treatment to see the instant result! Best part is no hardselling by the staff lol.

- Sesilia Moeis

Very Refreshed

Came here to accompany my friend for her sessions and I was introduced to Oxygen relaxation therapy. A very refreshed session for me during the trial and I can see the difference that Mr Sonny and Livy did give a very detailed explanation with regards to my tired blood capillaries. I do recommend to come and experience it yourself. Good service by both Mr Sonny and Ms Livy.

- Ms. Fizah Yussof

Child Speech Ailments

I have consulted Dr Charuta Naik for my son who is hyperactive at 3.5 yrs he had difficulty in speech and expression. His sleep cycle and duration were very small leading to crankiness and unpleasant behavior.
In 3 months I have seen a difference in child's speech as well as sleep cycle getting regulated. He is able to express his emotions in a much calmer way. I recommend her to all

- Brinda Dattani

Anxiety Attacks, Panic Disorder


As of this year (2019), I've had a combination of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Panic Attack Disorder for 10 years. I have had psychological, emotional and physical symptoms of all kinds. During a panic attack, my heart rate can increase to 150 beats per minute from 72 in a few seconds, just by my tracking it. Needless to say, my anxiety can be very pronounced.

Over the years, I have distanced myself from friends, some family, limited my travelling and even social activities, for fear of panic attacks and/or anxious feelings and sensations.

In an attempt to feel better I've consulted with the best Psychiatrists and Psychologists in Singapore. I've lost count of how much money I have spent. The only thing that worked in the past is medication which I had to take for a year - the side effects of the medication were stark - I put on a lot of weight. The effects of the medication were temporary, lasting 2-3 years, until the next stressful event took place.

When I first met Dr. Charuta from Yafot Wellness and heard that Homeopathy could help in treating Anxiety and Panic Disorder, I was doubtful, even somewhat skeptical. I did my research and there were so many articles online that do not advocate Homeopathy. A large number of them even said there was no actual evidence to substantiate that Homeopathy works.

However, both my psychiatrist and my regular doctor said I could try Homeopathy as there were no side effects, and either it would work, or it wouldn't. So I decided to give it a shot

At 3 Weeks - I am currently 3 weeks into my consultations with Dr. Charuta and taking Homeopathic remedies. I can DEFINITELY see an improvement. Although my anxiety has not completely disappeared, I am able to do the things that I was struggling to do on a day to day basis such as go to crowded places and have a meal, or sit through a long-drawn meeting with a client. Even exercising and attending social events are now doable. At the 3 week mark, I must say that I am already feeling better than I did before this. Having tried so many other things over the past number of years, I can credit this improvement to Homeopathy. I am also very thankful that Dr. Charuta takes the time to listen and guide me along this journey closely.

I will continue to update on my progress as time goes by for the benefit of others who also are going through what I am, and look forward to more positive changes as the days go further by.

At 6 Months - I am currently 6 months into my consultations with Dr. Charuta, and taking Homeopathic remedies. I am absolutely amazed at the results. I feel perhaps I am 95% cured. I have not had any panic attacks or anxiety in the past 1-2 months now. Moments which would make me uneasy in the last 10 years such as going into crowded places, business meetings and even health related issues, now do not bring about panic attacks anymore. I even managed to host a very large Christmas gathering with family and friends, a feat that I have would absolutely not have been able to do in the past 10 years, before meeting Dr. Charuta, and before Homeopathy.

I highly recommend Dr. Charuta and Homeopathy to anyone suffering from panic attacks and anxiety. You don't have to live in uncertainty and suffering anymore. This is the safe, natural way to get better and to be able to live our lives to the fullest!

- Shawn D.

Chronic Headaches & Migraines
"I was always a victim of intense headaches since I was a young child.. I did not know what was the cause of it but as I grew older I realized that headaches around my menstrual cycle were always persistent and intense."
"It has been two months since I met her and have been taking her remedies and it is not short of a miracle .. the intensity has come down by 80 percent and the frequency by 90 percent.. I cannot thank Dr. Charuta enough .. she has not only helped me feel better In my headache but also better sleep quality , I am looking after myself better and in the long run enjoying myself more and feeling happier too . And I am sure this is just the beginning."​

Reshma Vaid

Skin Allergies & Rash

I am Manashi, I was suffering from unknown allergy, skin rash. The allergy rashes used to start suddenly and the area used to itch and had a burning sensation. It was causing lot of discomfort especially during the evening times. To start with I saw a GP, who prescribed medicine to take as an when allergy appeared, but not a permanent solution. I was looking for something natural that can heal the allergy completely.

I had heard about Homeopathy before and knew that it can uproot the cause. It’s been 5 months since i started Homeopathic remedies with Dr Charuta. The results are amazing ! I used to get the allergy daily, but now hardly once or twice a week. The intensity of itching and burning sensation has reduced more than 70%.

In the first case interview, Dr. Charuta patiently heard my story and tried to understand every possible reason that could be reason for allergy. She not only listen to my local symptoms but also took a great detail about my physical and emotional disposition. The allergy that has gone, has never come back in last 5months. It seems to be almost gone. She is now guiding me and looking into my thyroid related I would definitely recommend Dr Charuta and Homeopathy to anyone and everyone suffering from any health issues.


Thank you so much Dr Charuta and Yafot Homeopathy!

- Manashi Das

Pregnancy Related Nausea, Moods & Depression

I recommend Dr. Charuta Naik for the following:

I was grappling with severe nausea and low mood during 1st trimester of my pregnancy. Dr. Charuta was very efficient in handling my situation with Homeopathic remedies and relieved my discomfort, uneasiness, nausea and mild depression upto 80% in just 2weeks time. The remedies are absolutely safe for pregnancy and easy to consume. I feel absolutely blessed to have found Dr. Charuta Naik, Homeopathic consultant at Yafot Wellness Centre.

She used a holistic approach. The first consultation was of around 2hours, which was carried out in 2parts of - 1st session was to elicit my vomiting/nausea/mood symptoms for about 40mins and the 2nd one to understand me as a person.

The one to one sessions with her were relaxing as she patiently heard out all my problems, fears and confusions which I was going through in the first trimester.

This one being my first pregnancy, I felt a lot of physical and mental resistance to the bodily changes. I had lost confidence in myself and was feeling low about not being able to lead a normal life and even practice regular yoga routine. I believed that most of my physical and emotional issues were due to the high fire element - those all were alleviated with her remedies and all round approach. I have started to develop a positive approach towards my pregnancy, thanks to Dr. Charuta.

Dr. Charuta has a knack of figuring out the root cause of an ailment and treat her patients holistically. She asks her patients to be in touch regularly and even drop in for a chat, if they need to talk during the course of treatment.


Since Dr. Charuta is specialized in Homeopathic Psychiatry, she better understands human behaviour and responses during various stages of life. Besides, the homeopathy remedy, she also shares her rich knowledge of diet, nutrition and the lifestyle changes which the patient needs to implement in their treatment.

The Yafot Wellness Centre provides a friendly and homely environment. I strongly recommend Dr. Charuta Naik if you are looking for holistic and natural solution to your problem. I feel grateful to have found her.

Looking forward to continue my treatment under her for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby.

Krishna Merchant

Social Anxiety

About a month ago, I consulted Dr Charuta for social anxiety issues. I had sought help from so many other places and spent a lot of money on doctors, counsellors and even hypnotherapists, but my anxiety still remained. 

I had a big family event coming up which I had to attend, and did not know if I could get through it. During moments of anxiety and panic, I would experience twitching and my legs would shake uncontrollably. I really felt that I would have very intense feelings and may lead to collapse and not be able to go through the event. 

Dr Charuta really helped me to get through the event. Not only did the homeopathy remedy work, Dr Charuta guided and supported me throughout with messages and calls. I was able to go through the event with much less anxious sensations and with no collapsing feelings. 

One month into Dr Charuta’s homeopathic treatments, I can feel my social anxiety sensations, twitching and leg shaking episodes are getting better.


I continue to look forward to more healthier results. Thank you Dr Charuta. 

- M. A.

Weight loss & Rejuvenation

My friends bought me a Collagenic Thermal Treatment voucher for my birthday. You lie down on a machine that looks like a suntan bed for 20mins covered with carbon diamond sheets. I felt warm when the session began but it was not uncomfortable.


About 10mins into the session, I sort of felt as if my body had "shrunk". True enough, after the session, I noticed I had to tighten my belt another notch when putting on my clothes. I also felt less lethargic.

Marilyn who attended to me was very pleasant and she did not pressure me to buy any packages. I find that is very important as I do not like the nice feeling you get after a treatment to be ruined by a hard sell talk.

- Anita Tan

Better Sleep

After my younger sister went through her first session of the collagenic thermal therapy, she shared that she could sleep better that night!

- Annabelle Kwok

Slip Disc


I recently had a slipped disk which causes a lot of pain in my back and my legs. I could not sit long or even bend down so my wife had to help wear my socks for the past week. After my first session of Yafot's collagenic thermal treatment, my pain was eased & I could wear the socks myself on my way out! With additional Yafot’s Lifewave patches, I could function so much better for a whole week!

- Alex L.

Muscle Pain & Tension


Being a personal trainer I regularly pushed not only my clients but also myself. I would go to Yafot Wellness for their unique Collagenic Red Light therapy to relieve my muscle pain and tension.  It is a good short and efficient treatment. 

Recently I had quite a bad sprain on my left arm and has not been sleeping well. I tried their newly launched Dual Pulse Revitalization treatment and I was simply amazed with its treatment result! Their Sonic pulsations were deep penetrating, so effective to relieve my back, neck and shoulder tightness and tension! I was so comfortable that I actually slept during my back treatment. Then when the therapist turned me over to work on the various meridians on my arms, I can literally feel the blockage being cleansed away! I slept early (not typical of me) and well that night and sprain is so much improved. I highly recommend it!”

- Mr Lee


Severe Anxiety & Insomnia (Sleeplessness)

I visited Dr. Charuta for severe anxiety and sleeplessness. It had been a month and I was battling with sleep disturbances and restless mind. I was waking up at 4am in the morning and just couldn’t go back to sleep. Lack of sleep was triggering the acid reflux and loose bowels. The whole day I would be in a half awake state, with anxious state of mind, worrying about will I get back to my normal health state any day. Till the time I visited Dr. Charuta I had tried Ayurvedic and other herbal medications, which didn’t help much to restore my sleep. 

To start with, I was hesitant about exploring Homeopathy with Dr. Charuta as I wasn’t aware of what it is and will that help me. As I wasn’t able to be more sleep deprived, I decided to give it a shot. 

She was very friendly and non- judgmental, which made me feel comfortable. The first session went for around 60-90mins, where she just let me express myself unconditionally. She guided me through my expression wherever she needed more detail.

I could feel that she was trying to understand me as a person and making sense of where these anxious thoughts are coming from. She also explained to me in detail how Homeopathy works and how will it help me. 
It’s been only a month of her support and I can already sleep so much better; close to my normal 8hours of sleep. I feel less anxious than before and am able to calm down my mind when I start getting into the spiral of thoughts. With my main complaints, my other complaints like body aches, lack of appetite, IBS symptoms and headaches are also been taken care of. 

I feel that Dr. Charuta takes a lot of effort with each case, analysing the complaints bit by bit, leaving no aspect unheard. I highly recommend her to everyone who is struggling with any emotional or stress related issues and looking at a Long term complete recovery. I look forward to get better totally in coming months. 

Thank you

- P.K.

Chronic Depression & Insomnia (Sleeplessness)

I consulted Dr. Charuta for chronic Depression and sleep issues which I had since the year 2017.


There was difficulty falling asleep and waking up fresh. My mood was low and irritated most of the day. I just wasn't feeling good about how I felt and just living by the day. Though I was taking conventional treatment for my mood and sleep, I wasn't feeling happy, like my normal self as I did when I was well. My low mood caused me to be very irritable and groggy the whole day. I was disinterested in doing anything new or carrying out my daily routine. I knew that the conventional treatment had side effects, so I was looking out for a more natural and holistic way of getting myself better again.


I met Dr. Charuta in July, 2020 looking for a natural yet effective way of feeling well. She is very warm and approachable, the first session called has the main 'Case taking' is a very detailed session, where Dr. Charuta understood my condition in detail. She understood how exactly my Depression started, what triggered it, how did that progress over the years. We also spoke about how my childhood was, my personal qualities and other factors in my surrounds that are the possible triggers for how I feel.  It was quite a satisfying experience where your physician is trying to understand the nature of your issue.


It's been around 45 days that I have started the remedies and I have already started to see signs of improvement. I am feeling happy and motivated for every new day and sleeping better. My anger and frustration is more manageable. I see, that I am able to change my perspective about things that bothered me, that was so difficult before, which helps me to keep up my sense of well being. I see Dr. Charuta, every 2-3 weeks for follow ups, where she assesses my progress in detail. The remedies are easy to consume and very soothing. Overall I feel blessed to have met Dr. Charuta and taken on this journey of total wellness with her. Her consultations are affordable and qualitative. I definitely recommend her to everyone who is looking for a holistic emotional wellness to lead a quality life. Thank you!

- Ms. Laura Kee


Stiff Neck & Shoulders & Not Sleeping Well

I recently tried the Dual Pulse Revitalization Therapy at Yafot Wellness and nearly 3 consecutive sessions. It's a whole body treatment that apply low frequency bio-electric currents to the body’s various meridian points. I was experiencing stiff neck and shoulders and I was not sleeping well for several weeks. I have always welcomed TCM as an alternative medicine and hence, when I heard about this new technology, I did not hesitate to try it. 

It is an integration of 4 different therapies—Acupuncture (without needles at all), Tuina, Cupping and Bio Resonance. This integrated therapy focuses on the body’s root issues, effectively restoring the body back to its optimum condition. I could already feel the benefits just after one treatment but I decided to do three sessions to optimise the effects. At first, I took a few minutes to get use to the pulses but after a while, it was fine. I slept well each night after the treatment.  I would recommend this therapy at Yafot Wellness to anyone who wants to reap TCM in a more effective and efficient way. Yafot Wellness is a well-appointed wellness center with good service staff; the atmosphere is relaxing and also easily accessible.

- Ms. Irene Lim

Soothes Tired Muscles


I took my friend’s recommendation to try the Dual Pulse Revitalization Therapy at Yafot Wellness. I am glad I did. The treatment was very good. It is able to get to the right points and soothes my tired back. I feel this is better than many of the massages that I went to. The therapist is very gentle and calm in explaining the whole treatment!

- Sai Khim

Chronic Cough

Having coughed for a month I was desperate to go for any treatment. I happened to chance upon this Dual Pulse Revitalization Therapy at Yafot Wellness. I went to try and experienced a great treatment.  I was really thrilled and impressed that midway during the treatment, I began to cough and my phlegm and mucus were literally being detoxed out of my body. It was a great relief! I could breathe so much better after the treatment! This therapy has a pleasant pulse sensation and their therapist is skilled to adjust the intensity according to your need and preference.

The Yafot Wellness Center provides many other services and I tried their Sonic Oxygen therapy as well.  My immediate response when the oxygen hit my nose was “Wow, I feel like I’m at the Swiss Alps”! The oxygen was cool, and so refreshing that I felt and experienced new energy level! 

We all know that oxygen is good for our body and brain.  With Covid-19 around us and our need to strengthen our immune system, this treatment is so apt and awesome.

Nothing in this world is free, so paying for this extra oxygen boost benefited my health. I cannot wait to find out other benefits after repeated treatments!

- Ms. Joy Chiang

Severe Neck Pain & Lack of Sleep

I visited Yafot Wellness recently for their Dual pulse treatment.


It was a place full of friendliness and warmth. I had booked this session as I was having severe neck pain that had also led to lack of sleep for a few days.

My therapist Livy was very kind and gentle in taking me through the whole treatment process. She briefed me before the process for what to expect. It was very safe and systematic. 

I felt very sleepy and relaxed after the treatment. To my surprise my neck pain was much improved and I could sleep well that night. Overall it was a very pleasant experience, I definitely recommend others to try it.


- Mr. Puneet D.

Relaxing & Refreshing

After several trials on Dual Pulse session, my whole body feel very relax, refreshing and also solved my cold hands and feet problem that usually happens under air-con room. I strongly recommend it.​

- Ms. Sarah Liu


Alert, Relaxed & Calm State

As a neurofeedback therapist, i need self-care. Today’s Sonic Oxygen therapy left me in an alert yet relaxed & calm state. Love it!!!

- Ms. Amy Poon

No Breathlessness When Climbing Stairs

After 2 sessions on Sonic Oxygen Therapy, WOW! I feel really good. Last night Slept like a baby. +++ when I climb the same flight of steps I don't get breathlessness like before.

- Ms. Rosalind Foo


Enhance Vitality & Energy


I went again last week to top up my supplements at Yafot Wellness, specifically Mistica! It’s such a powerful antioxidant-rich beverage that really enhance my vitality and energy. I love it!

- Mr. Robert H.

Less Prone To Sickness, Especially Flu

Our family take a small cup of Mistica daily, and we noticed we are less prone to sickness, especially flu! Our kids really like the taste too!

- Mr. Vincent T.


Aids Digestion


I find that Chlorophyll Plus has enhanced my digestive system and bowel movements!

- Edward P.

Daily Dose of Veges

I enjoyed my Chlorophyll drink in the morning! I mix with water and it’s so refreshing and I get my daily dose of veggies.

- Ms. Wei Y.


Aids Digestion


I’m taking Noni plus on alternate day. It’s really helped my rest! When I wake up in the wee hour I manage to go back to sleep soundly again which previously I have problem with.

- Thomas G.

Regular Digestion & Sleep


I purchased again Chlorophyll and Noni at Yafot Wellness. I liked how the Chlorophyll drink helps with my regular digestion and Noni drink gave me energy during the day and improved my rest and sleep at night!.

- Harry S.


Convenient & Effective, Even During Travel

I really like the convenience and effectiveness of Yafot Wellness’ Enhanced Detox formulation. It truly helped improved my bowel which is always a challenge for me with my work and travels. It’s individually packed so it’s so easy and convenient to bring along during my trips.

- Mr. A. Lim


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