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Triple Oxygen Dermadrop Facial

Dermadrop Transdermal Application (TDA), is truly unique, needle-free, rejuvenating treatment that provides optimum deep skincare.

In this treatment, dermatological-formulated active ingredients are infused deep within the skin layers with Oxygen. In contrast to conventional skin treatments which cannot penetrate the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of your skin’s epidermis), the Dermadrop TDA allows the ingredients to penetrate the skin’s inner layers (dermis) where they act to produce the desired effect. 

Multiple scientific studies have shown how effective this treatment can be in combating aging, and with the strong return on investment track record from clients all over the world shows just how beneficial one session can be for your skin.


What is Triple Oxygen Dermadrop?

As the name suggests; our Triple Oxygen Dermadrop facial incorporates the Dermadrop TDA technology and formulations. The Transdermal Application makes this treatment stand out from all other skin treatments. Using the applicator, the active ingredients are activated in the presence of Oxygen and are infused within the inner layers of the skin, where they act and produce lasting desired effects. Consequently, the skin regenerates naturally, and its natural beauty returns – without injections or direct skin contact. During treatment, you may feel a light, pleasantly cooling massage pressure as the applicator moves across your skin.

How long does the treatment take?

The Triple Oxygen DermaDrop facial is a one-hour treatment.

How effective is each treatment?

Immediately after each treatment, you will notice wrinkles smoothened out, deeply moisturized, radiantly glowing and skin rejuvenated.

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