For Safe and Natural Weight Loss

At Yafot Wellness, our Speed Slimming Treatment features a powerful and effective programme for you to achieve the weight loss goals you’ve been dreaming of. This treatment package consists of:

  1.  Comprehensive Body Analysis

  2.  Oxygen Relaxation Therapy

  3.  TCM Cupping Treatment

  4.  Weight Loss Diet Plan and Supplements


Aimed at boosting your metabolism while suppressing an unhealthy appetite, Speed Slim promises satisfying results with treatments that are:


             Low/Affordable Pricing               Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive

Areas of Treatment include:

Thighs, Stomach, Upper Arms, Love Handles and more…



Yafot’s Speed Slimming treatment promotes weight loss and full-body toning by stimulating acupuncture points and running them along the lymphatic lines. These special acupuncture points provide your circulatory system with the energy it needs to metabolize body fat, including the fat in your problem areas and the fat around your internal organs. Increasing one’s circulation effectively facilitates the removal of toxins and excess water that cause weight gain and other weight-related problems.


Over time, body fat develops to form cellulite, a hardened form of fat that are like lumps beneath your skin. At such a stage, body massages won’t be enough to remove them. Hence, a more effective technique is needed: suctioning. In our Speed Slim Treatment, the TCM Cupping creates a suctioning effect, reaching fat that is located on a deeper level. Cupping is one of the best deep-tissue therapies available, because it can affect up to four inches of tissue beneath the skin. This makes it able to target visceral fat that is stuck around your internal organs. Hence, with cupping, bodily fat is forced to separate from its tissue fibres. It is then liquified and flushed out through the lymphatic system.




The Cupping Process + Oxygen Therapy

The cupping treatment starts with warming cups with a flame. This creates a vacuum where after the cups are applied to your skin, it exerts a suctioning effect. The suction loosens connective tissue, allowing new blood to enter the surrounding area. Additionally, this treatment is enhanced with our signature Oxygen Relaxation Therapy, giving the body an oxygen  boost to increase circulation and promote metabolism. This procedure usually takes around 30 - 40 mins per session. 




Maintenance with Diet Plan and Supplements

An effective weight loss strategy also targets to keep a healthy and sustainable diet. This is why the Speed Slim Treatment package includes a personalised diet plan along with supplement recommendations. 

As mentioned, a comprehensive body analysis is done at the start. With the assistance of our wellness therapists, an appropriate weight loss plan will be discussed, according to the profile of the customer.


Interested to find out more?

Call us @ 6951 1220 or WhatsApp us @ 8738 5400 for booking or more information! We look forward to serving you.



I am very happy with the results I received from Yafot Wellness!

I've been struggling with weight loss for months but within 3 days I lost 4kg naturally. At first I was skeptical but the cupping therapy was painless and I felt more energetic then before. The staff are very caring and professional. I will recommend those having difficulty losing weight to try this therapy to jumpstart their weight-loss goals. Overall I've had a wonderful experience with Yafot Wellness!

—  K. Sooriamurthy



Give Up the Fat, Watch Your Belly Go Flat!
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