Speed Relief Treatment

For Pain, Stress & Insomnia Relief

Knee pain

Muscle Pain

Joint pain

Yafot’s Speed Relief Treatment is based on a combination of TCM methodology on key acupuncture points and proven German technology on low frequency resonance.
The treatment revitalises circulation throughout the body, bringing speedy relief and recovery to the areas causing you concern.



No Medical Risk


More About Speed Relief

Deep Cell Resonance Technology uses micro-current waves to generate circulation in the body, similar to the wave form of pulse  beats on an electrocardiogram. Low frequency pulses are used to stimulate the meridian points of the human body producing a moxibustion therapy effect.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion is thought to regulate Qi and the blood, eliminating pathogenesis and improving one’s physical fitness through the means of warming.

Thus, moxibustion is an effect that warms the body, eliminating coldness, regulating energy metabolism, and relieving tension and pain.

Warms the body

Eliminates coldness

Regulate energy metabolism

Relief tension and pain

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