Sonic Oxygen Rejuvenation Therapy

Meridian Cleansing Body Rejuvenation

Recover from Fatigue

Relax Muscles

Produce restful sleep

The Sonic Oxygen Rejuvenation Therapy is a 20 minute treatment that provides your body with a consistent supply of 40% oxygen concentration while stimulating your hands and feet with gentle, healthy sonic-frequency vibrations to increase blood circulation.
  • Recover from Fatigue
  • Produce Restful Sleep
  • Strengthen Immune System
  • Clean, Soft, and Rejuvenated Skin
  • Improve Brain Functions
  • Enhanced Memory and Concentration
  • Relax Muscles While Increasing Flexibility



No Medical Risk



The holistic Sonic Oxygenic treatment combines and integrates ancient wisdom and advanced sonic technology. It removes the need for acupuncture treatment, which removes your worries, fears or pain related to acupuncture.

When the sonic wave reaches a meridian, it creates dynamic energy that accelerates the Qi flow in our body. The forceful Qi flow helps to cleanse any clogged meridian, thus discharging toxins out of the body and enabling the effective delivery of nutrients throughout the whole body.

With sufficient Qi, an ageing organ can be rejuvenated back to a healthily functioning organ. People that are healthy and without illness can also increase their Qi energy to prevent chronic diseases and maintain their overall health and well-being.

Not Enough Exercise

High Level of Stress

Lack of Nutrition

Shallow Breathing

100% SAFE

In our Sonic Oxygenic treatment, no stimulation is applied to the human body (such as raising body temperature, electrical stimulation, changes in body magnetic field or other parameters). Therefore, you will not develop any fatigue or dependence to it.

Our Sonic Oxygenic Device issues a specific low frequency sound wave that produces “resonance” to the meridian vessels. However, this sound wave will not change the frequency of the meridian vessels. The more often you experience this treatment, the stronger and healthier your body will be.

Oxygen is the driving force of human life, and the extra oxygen supplied will be happily and readily consumed by your cells to produce more energy; thus, there is no side effect, risk, dependence or danger.

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