RF Body Shaper

Melt Fat Quickly, Shrink Fatty Areas & Increase Your Metabolism



No Medical Risk


About RF Body Shaper Treatment

Multipolar Radio Frequency is a non-invasive heat energy treatment. The heat stimulates collagen deep in the skin, causing contradiction and new collagen formation over time. 

Suitable for both body and facial areas, our RF Body Shaper treatment removes fatty deposits by improving lymphatic drainage. Effectively reduces cellulite and a safe option with lasting, noticeable results!

How RF Technology Works

The Multipolar uses radio frequency energy, delivering thermic energy and electromagnetic waves that causes the water molecules in your tissues to twist and vibrate. This motion causes friction, which creates heat at very specific areas deep in the dermal layers of your skin.

This heat subsequently generates a focused healing response which begins after the first session, and continues to repair itself over the next few months.

  • Replace your ageing and saggy skin with fresh, younger skin

  • Realign and regenerate collagen in your skin

  • Tighten, smoothen and re-contour your skin

  • Rejuvenate your skin’s firmness and texture

  • Reduce fat cells through destabilisation

Replace ageing skin

Realign collagen

Tighten Skin

Rejuvenate Firmness

Reduce Fat Cells


How long is each treatment?

Each treatment typically takes 40 minutes to an hour. The recommended number of treatment sessions will depend on the size of the treatment area, and your body fat percentage. A body analysis will be done during your personalised consultation.

What is the experience like?

A warm and comfortable sensation will be felt throughout the treatment, along with a massaging sensation from the treatment’s vacuum pressure. Experience immediate slimming effects right from your first treatment session.

How long will the results last?

As the treated fat cells are eliminated from the body, results will be long-term. A mindful, holistic approach to weight loss and a nutritious, balanced diet is the only way to ensure lasting results.

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