• Caleb Leong

Conversations with Rita Haque - Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (Part 3)

Hello everyone, this is Sonny Kwok, Founder of Yafot Wellness. I’m very excited to chat with Ms Rita Haque. She’s our latest addition to the Yafot Wellness team as our Wellness Coach & CBT Specialist. Today, we’re going to discuss on the necessities of a detox lifestyle and healthy dietary needs.

Detox & Dietary Needs

Sonny: How did you become an advocate for Health & Wellness?

Rita: My father told me one week before his passing “Next week I will be a millionaire, but I won’t be here to enjoy it”. I felt a knife going through my heart.

All his life, my dad worked hard and denied himself just to give us a comfortable life. He was disciplined in so many ways. However, a poor diet of fried food and no vegetables may have been his downfall and made him susceptible to colon cancer.

I vowed from that day on, more than twenty years ago, that I would make health integral to my life!

Three Years in London

For a period, my husband did his Masters in Law. I packed up my advertising career and moved to London with my family.

London opened the first door to the world of health. It started when I interviewed one of the models I worked with on a shoot for Avon. She revealed why she ate her own food that was hardly appetizing to look at. However, she glowed from the inside out and we could all feel her difference. Her secret? Macrobiotic food.

My Struggle with SAD & Foray into Macrobiotics

I discovered that I was suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) - a type of depression related to the change in seasons. I was affected by the constant, grey weather in London.

Since my experience with the model, I studied Macrobiotics in London for three months. I realized that food can be medicine. Our food choices directly influence our health.

Here’s what truly convinced me. I encountered a beautiful confident woman, with flawless glowing skin, bright eyes, smiling at me in the macrobiotic supermarket. However, I didn’t recognise her. This woman was the girl who sat next to me during the entire macrobiotics course. I could not believe my eyes!

That same person was always shrouded with a brown flannel shawl. She had spotted skin and was always bent with stomach discomfort. In three months, she had completely transformed beyond recognition. I believe that food can heal or hurt your body d