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Oxygen: The Life-Sustaining Element

Oxygen: The Life-Sustaining Element

Updated: Jun 22
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Oxygen is necessary for human life as it supports the physiological functions of the body. To illustrate the importance of oxygen, let us introduce “The Rule of 3s”. You can survive 3 weeks without food, you can survive 3 days without water, but you will barely survive 3 minutes without oxygen! Not only is oxygen necessary for survival, but it is also energy for our bodies, a vital support for our immune system, a toxin-buster and a generator of cell renewal and growth!
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Our main source of oxygen comes from the atmosphere around us. The natural biological process of photosynthesis is what produces and sustains the level of oxygen in our environment. However, the average oxygen content in our atmosphere has been decreasing over the years. Fossilised amber snow reveal that our atmosphere used to contain about 35% of oxygen. Today, it has declined to an average of 20%. Oxygen levels in most cities average at 15%-18%, and polluted urban areas average at 12%-15%. With decreasing levels of oxygen content in our natural environment, our quality of life is affected.

How Does It Affect Our Quality of Life?

Oxygen is like food for our cells. Without an optimum level of oxygen supply, our cells won’t function at their optimum either. The benefits of oxygen include:

  • Improved Brain Function and Mental Clarity
  • Improved Sleep and Cell Rejuvenation
  • Enhanced Memory and Concentration
  • Removal of Toxins, Parasites, Bacteria and Viruses
  • Strengthening of the Immune System
  • Recovery from Mental and Muscular Fatigue
  • Relieving of Stiffness and Swelling in Muscles and Joints
  • Balancing of the Body’s Overall Well-Being

When you do not have an optimum level of oxygen circulating in your body, you can expect:

  • Poorer Cognitive Function (the inability to concentrate or stay focused)
  • Overall Fatigue (mental tiredness, muscular fatigue)
  • Poorer Digestion
  • Poorer Sleep Quality
  • Poorer Physical Stamina and Endurance
  • Poorer Metabolism and Circulation

How Oxygen Therapy Can Help

A convenient way to ensure optimum oxygen circulation through your body is oxygen therapy. Are you experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above? It may be an indication of poor oxygen circulation through your body.
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The Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

  1. Sports and Fitness — Oxygen improves the endurance, power and recovery of our muscles. It is also a natural and healthy energy booster.
  2. Elderly/Seniors — As we age, our body becomes less efficient at collecting and distributing oxygen. The lungs and heart become weaker through ageing, causing less oxygen to be pumped throughout the body, including the brain. Through oxygen therapy, the elderly can preserve their cognitive functions and live a longer and better quality of life.
  3. Hangovers — The consumption of alcohol causes oxygen deficiency in the brain. It also inhibits the brain’s ability to utilise oxygen for its functions. Through oxygen therapy, vitality, energy and alertness can be restored. It reverses the impact of hangovers.
  4. Concentration, Focus and Stress — A number of symptoms can surface when the brain is not receiving enough oxygen. Some examples include memory loss, the inability to concentrate, mood swings, poor judgement, dizziness or headaches. Therefore, ensuring optimum oxygen circulation is vital for the body.

At Yafot Wellness, our signature Oxygen Relaxation Therapy is a safe and non-invasive way of providing enhanced concentrated oxygen for your well-being. Trial promotions are available for first-time customers to experience the effects of optimum oxygen circulation. Book your appointment with us today!


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