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Introducing Oxygen Therapy

Introducing Oxygen Therapy

Updated: Jun 22

Oxygen Therapy – Have you been feeling worn out or lethargic? Maybe you haven’t been sleeping well, or the worries and pressures of work are overwhelming you. No matter what the reason, if your body is feeling worn out, it could be a distress signal for more oxygen, and we provide a solution! Yafot Wellness Oxygen Therapy.

Some may ask: “Why do we need oxygen therapy when we’re breathing all the time?”. Great question! The average oxygen content in our atmosphere has been decreasing over the years. Fossilised amber snow reveal that our atmosphere used to contain about 35% of oxygen. Today, it has declined to an average of 20%. Oxygen levels in most cities average at 15%-18%, and polluted urban areas average at 12%-15%. We are now facing the issue of decreasing oxygen content in our natural environment and it affects our quality of life.

What many of us do not realise is how vital a role oxygen plays in the physiological functions of our body. It is used to support and maintain:

  1. Sleep
  2. Cognitive Function
  3. Cell Rejuvenation
  4. Memory and Concentration
  5. Toxin, Parasite, Bacteria and Virus removal
  6. Strengthening of the Immune System
  7. Recovery from Mental and Muscular Fatigue
  8. Relieving of Stiffness and Swelling in Muscles and Joints

When your body faces a shortage of oxygen, it does not always result in fatal suffocation – that is the extreme. When there is a lack of good oxygen circulation in your body, it can result in poorer cognitive function, poorer sleep quality, increased mental and physical fatigue and more.

Medical research has also shown that irregular or inadequate oxygen flow in the blood may cause chronic or acute hypoxia. Symptoms range from having headaches, body aches or a weakened immunity, increasing an individual’s risk of having heart attacks, strokes or even cancer.

In order to ensure that your body is getting a healthy amount of oxygen, there are several methods you can explore and apply in your daily life. Today, supplemental oxygen therapy has been introduced in the market for one’s normal and everyday use. Oxygen concentrators are a safe and convenient way of providing enhanced oxygen for your body through the natural process of breathing. It is highly effective because of the direct transfer of oxygen into our bloodstream every time we take a breath.

At Yafot Wellness, our in-house oxygen therapy is a safe and non-invasive way of providing enhanced oxygen for your well-being. Trial promotions are available for first-time customers to experience the effects of optimum oxygen circulation.

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