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Interview with Dr. Charuta Deshpande

Interview With Dr. Charuta Deshpande

Question: Please share with our readers a little bit about yourself

Answer: I am a consulting Homeopathic Doctor with 6 over years of experience focusing mainly on psychological and mental wellbeing area with a specialised study and work experience in the area of special needs.

As a person I come from a very humble upbringing, having learnt the value of time and importance of people in my life in a realistic way. Living in a metropolitan city, surrounded by people with multi-cultural background, I am naturally blessed with the skill of connecting with people of different ethnicities and culture comes to me naturally. As a professional I am focused, passionate, genuine and a constant learner.

Question: As a Homeopathic consultant, tell us something about your speciality in the area of psychological well being.

Answer: I started practising 6years back, immediately after my degree. Since then I have seen over 800 patients. With my specialisation in emotional and mental health area I attend to cases of psychological or emotional disorders like anxiety disorders, depression, panic disorders, sleep issues to name a few. and psychosomatic; which are stress related disorders like Psoriasis, migraine, female hormonal disorders, muscular skeletal disorders like psoriatic arthritis, aches and pains and also autoimmune illnesses.

I have a specialised qualification and work experience in the area of childhood disorders like Autism, Hyperactivity, Attention deficit, developmental delays like speech delay and emotional issues in children like generalised anxieties, examination funk, behavioural disorders, sleep issues, enuresis and such.

Question: What motivated you to take Homeopathy as a career choice?

Wow, that’s an interesting question. My choice to take Homeopathy as a career stemmed from a personal experience, where one my very closed person suffered from a serious illness, called Psoriatic arthritis that is a psychosomatic disorder which travels from emotional stress to skin as psoriasis and from there to joints as arthritis. His case was a given up by many renowned doctors, so much so that he was told that he will be crippled soon with the arthritis forever. Then we got to know about this renowned homeopath Dr. Parinaz Humranwala. The remarkable improvement that took place with the Homeopathic approach was just something we never thought was possible. Within 2years his arthritis completely settled, he was off all the conventional treatment and his psoriasis had started to improve. Emotionally we could see him more settled with a changed outlook of life. This experience was a life changing one for me which resonated to me as a true concept of healing at all levels.

Question: For those who might not know about Homeopathy, can you tell them a little bit about that?

Yes, sure. Homeopathy is a branch of Complementary and alternative medicine originated firstly in Germany, in the 17th century. Having said that the Homeopathic remedies are liquid dilutions prepared from natural sources but are not herbal. Since then it has spread across the globe, currently the statistics show that over 500 million people use homeopathy regularly.

Here I would like to mention that at Yafot wellness we believe that ‘Health is thoughtful choice that each one can make’ so we are open for people to walk in for a free 20min consult cum orientation to understand what is Homeopathy and how can they benefit from it.

Question: How does Homeopathy work?

Answer: It’s a evidence based science backed up proven principles and detailed philosophy. today I would like to highlight 2 core concepts of Homoeopathy that are – HOLISTIC approach and INDIVIDUALISATION.

Let’s take an example: Human body is like a Government of a country

Mind – the prime minister, Immune system – the defence minister, nervous system – the communications minister – they all work as a unit. The policy of the cabinet is what is followed by all of these ministers – if the policy is an aggressive one – u have an aggressive mind, an aggressive immune system and aggressive nervous system. So to address the superficial problem we have to understand the core policy for which understanding the system as a whole is vital.

As a homeopath we try to understand the person with the illness – to know who he is, how he feels, how he reacts, how he thinks, how he eats, drinks or sleeps – because everything what he does is unique to him is Individualistic – If you have to understand how any government works – u see that all the cabinets work with a similar idea. So rather than addressing each cabinet separately, we can address this core policy that decides the final outcome.

It is often said that stress is a major cause of illness in our modern living, but what is stress – it is how an individual perceives the reality – how he looks at it, reacts to it, what stresses him and how he expresses it.

So it’s often seen that with chronic anxieties some manifest panic attacks, some have IBS while some others might have hypertension.

Question: Who can seek help with Homeopathic consultation at Yafot?

Answer: Those who are looking out for some treatment modality that is natural and safe. Secondly those who are in search of a healing modality that can address the core of the problem and not just the symptoms for a long-lasting betterment.

I would strongly recommend Homeopathic consultation for chronic, stress related emotional and physical disorders.

For developmental and emotional issues in children like Autism, hyperactivity, attention deficit and developmental delays or issues like behavioural disorder, sensitivities, nocturnal enuresis, anxieties or low mood, self-esteem issues and so on.

Question: What do you think is the ‘Mantra’ of healthy living?

Answer: Sound and refreshing Sleep (6-8hours for adults and 8-12 hours for children) is utmost important for your emotional and physical serenity. Your sleep quality is one of the important parameter of how healthy you are.

Be observant – Observation about self and people around us. Observe early signs of discomfort, be it emotional or physical. Prioritise them and take action. In clinical experience, we often come across scenarios when people seek help only after things are out of control. Timely care is the key to healthy living.

Question: Any message that you would like to give our viewers

Answer: ‘Self-care is a priority and necessity, not a luxury’. Let me explain with a simple example, what happens when our handphone is on 20% battery mode -we panic, we rush to charge, we take utmost care by charging it at frequent intervals, to avoid any inconvenience. Meaning it’s hard to function with low charged phone, then how can you expect your mind and body to function optimally when it’s not adequately charged?

In the modern lifestyle, we continuously burn out ourselves intellectually, emotionally or physically may be at work, personally, with the demanding lifestyle often pushing us to the low battery mode. It is important to rest our mind and body at adequate intervals to recoup our vitality and prevent disease.

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