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Dr. Charuta Deshpande is our in-house Homeopathic consultant, with a Master’s Degree in (Classical) Homeopathy (MD Homoeopathy) and a super-specialization in mental health disorders.


Having 6 years of practical experience, she has consulted a variety of clients all over India and globally. She is an expert in cases of Childhood behavioural and neurological disorders like Autism, ADHD, developmental delays and behavioural disorders. Her hands on practice experience in cases of Psychosomatic disorders (stress induced illnesses like gastric disturbances, hormonal disturbances, thyroid dysfunctions, female dysfunctions and more) and Mental health disorders (depression, anxiety disorders, cerebro-vascular attack, panic disorders and sleep issues) in adult and children have been her specialty.

Advocating a team approach, she works in close collaboration with other practitioners, such as medical doctors, counsellors, psychologists and nutritionists to provide clients with holistic health and well being.

Dr. Charuta aims to heal and support clients to heal from within, outwards, moving them towards a space of greater well-being where they feel more empowered, more aware and filled with a renewed passion for life.

Testimonials & Reviews

Anxiety | Panic Attacks | Claustrophobia

Good day everyone. I thought I was the only one who walked alone in the path of sorrow & hopelessness. This phobia of mine caused a great deal of pain in my life. I was really struggling with my daily life. What is normal for others cause panic and fears in me, such as enclosed environments, basements, new places, small rooms, large crowds. My sleep was most of the times disturbed, due waking up with fears of roof falling down, building collapsing; after which I couldn’t sleep for next 2-3hours and kept pacing. 


Can you imagine that, sometimes, I will be attacked by this phobia in cinemas! Can u imagine while I was enjoying my favourite movie, I will start sweating, become breathless & suddenly feel trapped. I began to fear my daily routines as everyday, I was struggling with this issue. 


My phobia is claustrophobia. If I am watching a movie which showed a scene of being trapped in a cave, or being underground, or even in a box,  just by watching it, I will have an attack. The following happens during my attacks - I'll start to sweat, feel breathless, have fear to MAXIMUM, heart beat rises, panic to maximum, immediate urge to urinate. It was very painful to go through these attacks daily, and the most painful part is nobody understands what I'm going through.


I was suffering with these ailments for nearly 12 years till I came across Yafot Wellness & Dr. Charuta’s page/advert in facebook. I went through the page and sent a message to them.  

I was contacted by Mr. Shawn to make appointment who was very warm and welcoming to talk to. 


That was it! Dr. Charuta was like God sent for me. Nobody understands, but she does, not just a little bit, but she understands completely what I was going through. It's like she was there when it happened in all my conditions.


I started to take the treatment. After 3 weeks, I'm am significantly better. The claustrophobia sensations are less intense, I can manage them logically which was so hard before. My sleep has gotten really better- I have not had an attack in sleep yet. Less attacks & more confidence, I feel so energetic. I used to think "how am I going to live with this phobia". But Dr. Charuta’s treatment gave hope to me. I'm now in good hands, thanks to Dr. Charuta, Mr. Shawn and Yafot Wellness. No words can describe how much I am thankful to Doctor Charuta.

My first appointment was total, 4.5 hours which was done in 2seesions. She recorded all the details and was very patient with me. She has a heart of gold, where she really looks forward to helping people with these conditions. My only concern is people who have any kind of phobias or stress, anxiety attacks, panic attacks any more, please contact Dr. Charuta and get yourself well. 


Like me, you can get well. Trust me. There is hope and there is treatment. Anyone who wants clarification of what and how the treatment transformed me, can contact me on watsapp

- Mr. Dorairaj, 10 Oct 2020

Homeopathy heals by boosting the body’s natural coping mechanisms.
Having first originated in Germany, by a German physician in the 17th century, Homeopathy has spread and is widely practiced in many parts of the world such as Europe, India, USA, UK, Dubai, Malaysia and now Singapore, receiving a sharp increase in popularity due to its effectiveness.
Homeopathic remedies are procured from natural sources (not traditional or herbal) and processed by the method of ‘potentisation’. The final product (remedy) is in liquid dilution with hardly any crude drug residue but possessing the energy from the source multiplied to great degree.

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