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Caleb Ng is a Singapore-based professional life coach. Passionate about people, Caleb believes that every individual can live a purpose-filled life.

He focuses largely on youths, young professionals, couples and families who might be at crossroads, feeling unfulfilled, unsure which path to take or are caught in the same set of patterns/behaviours.

Caleb is fluent in English and Mandarin, and is available for either online or face-to-face coaching. He welcomes clients from all walks of life.

Regent Uni

Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership with Regent University

Marriage and Family Institute

Licensed Coach with the Marriage and Family Institute

Lifeforming Institute

Recognized LifeForming Growth Coach by LifeForming Institute International

John Maxwell

Recognized Dr. John C. Maxwell Coach / Speaker

“The starting point for everyone and every couple is different. I assess their differences based on their starting points and determine where they are going in terms of the coaching outcomes to derive a personalised journey map. From a starting point to a desired outcome, I will design a customised solution that is coupled with stations and milestones which I will guide my clients to successfully cross over to finally arrive at their destination.”

Caleb Ng, Holistic Coach at Yafot Wellness

Life/Wellness Coaching

Youth Counselling

Family Counselling

Couples/Marriage Counselling


Caleb’s experience in coaching individuals spans over more than two decades. Believing in always leaving a person in a better place than when he first meets them, Caleb has made significant positive impacts in the areas of personal, relational, career and financial transformation.

Caleb has experienced good results in helping people with complex relational challenges, distorted self-identity, anxiety and depression. In addition, his work has seen huge success especially in journeying with clients such as couples in the midst of separation.

He has been successful in reconciling and restoring broken relationships between husband and wife – from sleeping in separate rooms for years to regaining intimacy and trust.

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