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About Deep Cell Revitalisation Treatment

The Deep Cell Revitalisation Treatment is a 60-minute body treatment that uses specialised digital technology to generate and apply low-frequency bio-electric currents to your body’s various meridian points.

It’s consistent with the frequency of your body’s meridian points – achieving a harmonious resonance effect to unblock and cleanse your body’s meridian points. The improves blood circulation, discharges toxins, and deeply repairs your body on a cellular level.

Benefits of Deep Cell Treatment

Relief Muscle Tension

Rejuvenate Cells

Strengthen Immune System

Enhance Concentration

More About Deep Cell Technology

Deep Cell Treatment uses micro-current waves to generate circulation in the body, similar to the waveform of pulse beats on an electrocardiogram. Low-frequency pulses are used to stimulate the meridian points of the human body, producing a moxibustion therapy effect.

According to TCM, moxibustion is thought to regulate Qi and the blood, eliminating pathogenesis and improving one’s physical fitness through the means of warming. Thus, moxibustion is an effect that warms the body, eliminating coldness, regulating energy metabolism, and relieving tension and pain.

Once the Deep Cell Treatment reaches a certain level of intensity and frequency, the body begins to be stimulated on a cellular level. This causes a release of histamine, a hormone that expands the blood vessels to promote Qi, blood flow, and circulation throughout the body.

This leads to resonance and contraction in the muscles. The effects of this process include detoxification, improved body strength, skin tightening, reduction of wrinkles, and for some, even weight loss.

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