Deep Cell Treatment

For Insomnia, Stress & Anxiety

Feeling sluggish, tired, anxious, or having trouble sleeping? Your meridians may be unbalanced!
The stimulation and balancing of meridians have been successfully utilised in the treatment of illness for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Think of meridians like electrical cables. They run throughout your body connecting at the power stations (organ systems). A power surge, or lack of power, causes electrical issues in your body and all of its cells, which manifests as various symptoms.



No Medical Risk


About Deep Cell Technology

Our Signature Deep Cell Treatment is a 60-minute body treatment that uses specialised low-frequency bio-electric currents to your body’s various meridians – achieving a harmonious resonance effect to unblock and cleanse your body’s meridian points.

Low-frequency bio-electric pulses are passed through your body’s various meridians points. The electromagnetic waves create a resonance that is able to detect unhealthy frequencies within the cells of your body.

Our intuitive Deep Cell technology then matches the frequency and works to ‘cancel out’ the abnormalities. This improves blood circulation, discharges toxins, and deeply repairs your body and cells.

Our trained therapists will apply light handwork to soothe your body. 

Improves blood circulation

Discharges toxins

Repair body cells

Loosen tense muscles

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