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For Meridian Cleansing and Whole-Body Regeneration

At Yafot Wellness, our Deep Cell Revitalisation Treatment is a 60 min whole body treatment that uses specialised digital technology to generate and apply low-frequency bio-electric currents to the body’s various meridian points. It's consistent with the frequency of our body's meridian points - achieving a harmonious resonance effect to unblock & cleanse the body's meridian points. This improves blood circulation, discharging toxins, and deeply repairing your body & cells.   

This revitalises circulation throughout the body, ensuring recovery and regeneration in your needed areas, such as:

  • Cellular Rejuvenation

  • Tension Relief in the Muscles

  • Strengthening of your Immune System

  • Clean, Soft, and Rejuvenated Skin

  • Greater Focus and Alertness of Mind

  • Enhanced Memory and Concentration




Using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Meridian Studies, Chinese Pharmaceutical Studies, and others, our advanced Dual Pulse technology was designed as an integration of 4 different therapies—Acupuncture, Tuina, Cupping, and Bio-Resonance. This winning combination focuses on your body’s root issues rather than the symptoms, effectively restoring the body back to its optimum condition.


The sonic frequency of the Deep Cell Treatment is consistent with the frequency of our human meridian. This helps to achieve a harmonious resonance effect to cleanse the body’s meridian, discharging toxins, and repairing damaged tissues in the body. Through the path of the meridian, the trinity effect effectively balances the body cell’s magnetic field, enhancing the body’s self-healing ability. This process helps to eliminate the bodily toxins and restore the perfect circulation of the whole-body meridians.


This cutting-edge Deep Cell Treatment is equivalent to having:


5 Full Body Massages/Tuina OR

5 Acupuncture Treatments OR

5 Cupping Sessions OR

5 Km of Running and Burning Calories OR

3 Hours Negative Ion Absorption











Deep Cell Treatment uses micro-current waves to generate circulation in the body, similar to the waveform of pulse beats on an electrocardiogram. Low-frequency pulses are used to stimulate the meridian points of the human body, producing a moxibustion therapy effect. According to traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion is thought to regulate Qi and the blood, eliminating pathogenesis and improving one’s physical fitness through the means of warming. Thus, moxibustion is an effect that warms the body, eliminating coldness, regulating energy metabolism, and relieving tension and pain.


Once the Deep Cell Treatment reaches a certain level of intensity and frequency, the body begins to be stimulated on a cellular level. This causes a release of histamine, a hormone that expands the blood vessels to promote Qi, blood flow, and circulation throughout the body. This leads to resonance and contraction in the muscles. The effects of this process include detoxification, improved body strength, skin tightening and reduction of wrinkles, and for some, even weight loss.











It is Efficient & Effective

The Deep Cell Treatment is combined with the use of Quantum Energy Oil, a unique blend of Chinese herbal medicine that enhances treatment effectiveness.

It is Safe to Use

Clinical research has been gathered over the years from thousands of people, and there have been no negative symptoms or negative side effects experienced.


It is Widely Applicable

This treatment can also be used for patients that have metal fixtures in their body, such as steel needles, steel nails, and steel plates. It is also suitable for patients of various medical backgrounds.


It is Deeply Penetrating

The Deep Cell Treatment has strong penetrating power, with the force of diffusion and traction reaching the body on a cellular level.


It is Affordable

Considering the duration of the treatment, the cost for Deep Cell Revitalisation Treatment is significantly lower than most other treatments, and TCM medicines.

In addition, our Signature DeepCell treatment is uniquely able to stimulate neuromuscular tissues, causing muscle contraction, resulting in tension relief, and restoring your body strength and recovery.

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Book My Free Consultation & Special 70% Discounted

Trial Session @ $99 Only!


Stiff Neck & Shoulders & Not Sleeping Well

I recently tried the Dual Pulse Revitalization Therapy at Yafot Wellness and nearly 3 consecutive sessions. It's a whole body treatment that apply low frequency bio-electric currents to the body’s various meridian points. I was experiencing stiff neck and shoulders and I was not sleeping well for several weeks. I have always welcomed TCM as an alternative medicine and hence, when I heard about this new technology, I did not hesitate to try it. 

It is an integration of 4 different therapies—Acupuncture (without needles at all), Tuina, Cupping and Bio Resonance. This integrated therapy focuses on the body’s root issues, effectively restoring the body back to its optimum condition. I could already feel the benefits just after one treatment but I decided to do three sessions to optimise the effects. At first, I took a few minutes to get use to the pulses but after a while, it was fine. I slept well each night after the treatment.  I would recommend this therapy at Yafot Wellness to anyone who wants to reap TCM in a more effective and efficient way. Yafot Wellness is a well-appointed wellness center with good service staff; the atmosphere is relaxing and also easily accessible.

- Ms. Irene Lim

Soothes Tired Muscles


I took my friend’s recommendation to try the Dual Pulse Revitalization Therapy at Yafot Wellness. I am glad I did. The treatment was very good. It is able to get to the right points and soothes my tired back. I feel this is better than many of the massages that I went to. The therapist is very gentle and calm in explaining the whole treatment!

- Sai Khim

Chronic Cough

Having coughed for a month I was desperate to go for any treatment. I happened to chance upon this Dual Pulse Revitalization Therapy at Yafot Wellness. I went to try and experienced a great treatment.  I was really thrilled and impressed that midway during the treatment, I began to cough and my phlegm and mucus were literally being detoxed out of my body. It was a great relief! I could breathe so much better after the treatment! This therapy has a pleasant pulse sensation and their therapist is skilled to adjust the intensity according to your need and preference.

The Yafot Wellness Center provides many other services and I tried their Sonic Oxygen therapy as well.  My immediate response when the oxygen hit my nose was “Wow, I feel like I’m at the Swiss Alps”! The oxygen was cool, and so refreshing that I felt and experienced new energy level! 

We all know that oxygen is good for our body and brain.  With Covid-19 around us and our need to strengthen our immune system, this treatment is so apt and awesome.

Nothing in this world is free, so paying for this extra oxygen boost benefited my health. I cannot wait to find out other benefits after repeated treatments!

- Ms. Joy Chiang

Severe Neck Pain & Lack of Sleep

I visited Yafot Wellness recently for their Dual pulse treatment.


It was a place full of friendliness and warmth. I had booked this session as I was having severe neck pain that had also led to lack of sleep for a few days.

My therapist Livy was very kind and gentle in taking me through the whole treatment process. She briefed me before the process for what to expect. It was very safe and systematic. 

I felt very sleepy and relaxed after the treatment. To my surprise my neck pain was much improved and I could sleep well that night. Overall it was a very pleasant experience, I definitely recommend others to try it.


- Mr. Puneet D.

Relaxing & Refreshing

After several trials on Dual Pulse session, my whole body feel very relax, refreshing and also solved my cold hands and feet problem that usually happens under air-con room. I strongly recommend it.​

- Ms. Sarah Liu