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Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen Water

Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen Water

Updated: Jun 22

What is Hydrogen Water?

To keep things simple, Hydrogen water is pure drinking water with extra hydrogen molecules added to it.

Water molecules regularly consist of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. However, it is thought that the body is unable to effectively absorb the hydrogen in plain water, as it is bound to oxygen. Therefore, by infusing water with additional hydrogen atoms, this produces benefits that plain water alone is unable to deliver. By adding extra hydrogen, these hydrogen molecules are “free” and more accessible to your body.

The Benefits of Hydrogen Water

1. Fights Free Radicals – Hydrogen water fights free radicals – chemicals which are abundant in the environment and associated with premature ageing, inflammatory conditions, Alzheimer’s and some forms of cancer.

2. Reduces Blood Pressure – Reducing blood pressure by even a small amount can lower the risk of heart attacks, migraines or chronic fatigue among other ailments. Water that is rich in hydrogen makes your blood cells naturally repel each other. This lowers blood pressure because red blood cells are naturally pushed further apart.

3. Promotes Healthy Blood Circulation – Better blood circulation means higher energy levels and mobility in your body. Hydrogen-charged blood particles natural oppose each other, which results in a smoother blood flow. Better circulation can reduce the risk of migraines as well as diseases like gangrene.

4. Detoxes – Drinking hydrogen water regularly helps your blood cells to transport toxins to the liver and kidneys where it can be processed. Removing bodily toxins quickly, aids healthy skin and reduces wrinkles. Anti-aging remedies are truly effective when they are treated internally as well as externally.

5. Antioxidant-Rich – Hydrogen water has antioxidant properties, which means it can fight indicators of disease on the inside, and prevent the signs of ageing on the outside. A Japanese study (from the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology) proved that 6 subjects who bathed in hydrogen-enriched water every day for 3 months, had a significant improvement in neck wrinkles in comparison to a control group.

6. Protects from Sunlight -The antioxidant effects of hydrogen water mean it can help prevent the damage caused by sunlight, particular sun spots, and potential cancers related to UV exposure. In another study from the same Japanese publication, UV-damaged human fibroblasts (sun-zapped skin cells) increased collagen production twofold after being submerged in hydrogen water for 3 days.

7. Promotes Good Health – Hydrogen as an element is a building block of all life – drinking hydrogen water is thought to promote healthy cell structures throughout the body.

8. Boosts Energy – Dr. Perricone conducted a study on 20 people, in which he measured energy changes in skin cells after people drank 16 ounces of Dr. Perricone Hydrogen Water. He discovered that people who drank it appeared to have increased activity in the enzymes responsible for producing cellular energy. According to him, hydrogen water improves energy levels – which seem to affect both the muscles and the brain.

9. Boosts Collagen Production -Hydrogen is known to boost the production of collagen.  Collagen is well-recognized for the elasticity it provides to skin – but it doesn’t just slow down the formation of wrinkles.  Supporting collagen will also help other structures within the body, such as joints and ligaments, to perform well into old age.

Where Can I Get Hydrogen Water?

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Did You Know?

NASA has been researching to provide Hydrogen water

to protect astronauts from radiation during space travel!

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