Through his personal victory in overcoming work-stress, Sonny Kwok (Founder) was inspired to develop an avenue to reach others on a similar journey. This led to the birth of Yafot Wellness – envisioned to help people find their way to total wellness.

‘Yafot’ means becoming beautiful; holistic beauty that exuberates from the inside-out.

The nature of this beauty can only come from an overflow of a healthy mind, body and spirit.



Every experience here begins with us listening to you and discovering about you. We want to achieve visible and sustainable results for your wellness and beauty. 


At Yafot, our wellness centres employ an ‘East meets West’ concept by fusing cutting-edge Western technologies with  traditional Eastern practices. The synergy results in remarkable results for our clients. Thus, restoring their wellness and empowering them to live a wholesome life.


​Measurements and analyses are performed at the beginning and end of every visit. Keeping an accurate log of the results help us review the success and suitability of the sessions.


Tracking your improvements helps us tailor your sessions to continue maximising results.

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