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5 Benefits Of Oxygen Therapy

5 Benefits Of Oxygen Therapy

Updated: Jun 22

Oxygen Therapy – Oxygen is a vital yet often overlooked resource that our bodies depend on. Due to ageing, decreasing oxygen levels in our environment and unhealthy habits, many face the silent yet alarming issue of oxygen deficiency. This can be countered with a quick 20-minute Oxygen Therapy treatment.

Reduce Stress

Stress can help to motivate us and keep us active. However, constant, elevated stress levels do not allow our bodies to respond in a positive manner. If your stress levels are at a point where you are starting to become concerned, regular Oxygen Therapy can help reduce anxiety and stress levels as it creates a calming effect.

Promote Better Sleep

Exposure to higher levels of oxygen encourages the brain to remain in deep, restorative sleep. There is evidence that supplemental oxygen may improve sleep in people with sleep apnea. If you suffer from both stress and have troubles sleeping, Oxygen Therapy is a safe way to counter this concern.

Improve Mood

By giving your body the oxygen it needs to thrive, the brain encounters lower levels of mood swings and increased uplifting emotions. Oxygen Therapy is also a safe, alternative treatment for anyone who suffers from depression or anxiety.

Relief Pain

Those who suffer from mild to chronic pain can sometimes find it difficult to find relief. Oxygen Therapy is a non-drug, effective method for helping to manage any pain. The Oxygen Therapy at Yafot Wellness is a treatment that provides your body with a consistent supply of 40% oxygen concentration to stimulate the immune system and relax your muscles.

Improve Concentration

Your body needs to get enough oxygen to produce energy and function optimally. Oxygen Therapy is a great way to support and optimise your brain functions. It’s a great way to boost cognitive function, memory and energy.

Start your Oxygen Therapy journey today!

Oxygen Relaxation Therapy at Yafot Wellness is a treatment that provides your body with a consistent supply of 40% oxygen concentration. As oxygen levels become lower in the body cells, our health begins to deteriorate and our body becomes vulnerable to numerous diseases. 

Supplying the body with adequate oxygen allows the cells to oxidise (“burn up”) the waste products, maintaining health and slowing down the ageing process.

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H/T: Healthline

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