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30 Day Signature Inside Out Beauty Package

Relieve Your Pain, Enhance Your
Blood Circulation & Experience Instant Weight Loss!

4 Weeks Body Transformation Program

Transform your body in just 30 days with a program designed specifically for you! Receive a personalised package including recommended supplements and deep cell treatments to detox and relieve body tensions.


Beautiful Inside & Out

This treatment can help you in your pre or post-menopause journey.

Non surgical


No Medical Risk


4-Step Package

Slimming Treatments (U.P. S$600)

2x Customised Slimming Treatments (Weeks 3-4)

Our customised slimming treatments uses 2 proprietary techniques.

CRYO Fat Freeze involves the non-invasive cooling of your body fat. The treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen), then eliminated without damaging your skin or surrounding tissue of the blood vessel and the nerve.

​RF Body Shaper melts your fat quickly with thermo-controlled radio-frequency technology. A painless method of losing weight.

Deep Cell Treatments (U.P. S$1200)

4x Deep Cell Treatments (once a week) ​

A specialised digital technology that generates and applies low-frequency bio-electric currents to your body’s various meridian points.

Deep Cell helps to regulate your Qi and blood, eliminating pathogenesis, improving your physical fitness and ultimately restoring your body back to its optimum condition.

Organic Supplements (U.P. S$312)

Available Options: Chlorophyll Plus, Enhanced Essential Detoxification Box, Enhanced Weight Loss Box

You’ll receive a personalised set of organic supplements recommended by our therapists, depending on what you require. Options include Chlorophyll Plus, Essential Detoxification and Weight Loss series. 

Customised Diet Plan (U.P. S$120)

Includes personal nutritional coaching

Comprehensive body analysis will be done and a personalised nutrition/weight loss plan will be set out for you by our specialists.

Organic Supplements

Enhanced Weight Loss

Promotes high energy and enhances metabolism output

Reduces stress and anxiety levels

Reduces calorie input and manages appetite

Improves psychological and physical well-being

Reduce post-meal blood sugar spikes

Enhanced Essential Detoxification

Protect cells against cancerous DNA mutations

Maintain healthy cellular and organ functions

Achieve healthy complexion

Optimise Energy Levels

Improves psychological and physical well-being

Chlorophyll Plus

Allows proper metabolic functioning

Gives body resistance to disease

Improve immune response

Promote natural blood-cleansing body functions

Maintain low homocysteine levels

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