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Yafot Wellness Story

“Yafot” means becoming beautiful. At Yafot Wellness, we deliver the best beauty and wellness results using the latest and most effective Western technologies, combined with traditional Eastern practices.

We're here to help if you have...

Stiff Shoulders
Menstrual Cramps
High Blood Pressure

Our Wellness Team

Dr Charuta

Dr. Charuta supports clients to heal from within, where they feel more empowered, aware and filled with a renewed passion for life. Relieve yourself from stress depression or anxiety attacks

Holistic Coaching

Caleb Ng

Caleb guides every individual to live a purpose-filled life. Caleb provides Holistic Coaching for couples, families and individuals that are facing complex relational or emotional challenges.

Rita Haque

Rita guides her clients to understand their problems, before empowering them to manage the negative thoughts that they face. Replace self-defeating thinking with a problem-solving outlook. 

Client Testimonials

It's so so cool that just by scanning my finger, I can find out how my overall body health is!​ The Deep Cell treatment was uniquely able to relief tension and restore my body strength!
Agnes Low
The Deep Cell Treatment felt like it was sucking out all of my pain! I am really impressed by it. After the treatment, the soreness in my body disappeared and I had a great restful sleep.
Dominic Low

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